Clean Mix

Clean Mix is a series of containers (a spray bottle and jar) to mix your own cleaning products. That way you save money, live healthier and do something for our planet. All mixes are made of non-toxic, easily available and non-expensive ingredients.

Clean Mix comes with 6 recipes:

Spray Bottle: - window cleaner - mould killer - multi-purpose cleaner
Jar: WC cleaner - oven cleaner - creamy soft scrubber

2 options:

Clean Mix Stickers

For those of you who already have spray bottles and jars at home, reuse them by simply sticking the recipe on the flat side. By reusing we save resources, prolong the life of these already existing products and prevent them from going to landfill or a recycling plant straight away.

Clean Mix Bottle & Jar

We designed the ideal Clean Mix containers for those who don't have any spray bottles or jars handy. They are well-functioning, aesthetically pleasing, PVC-free, recyclable, made from recycled plastic and easy to store due to the square shape. The graphics are embossed in the mould of the plastic containers so that they are long-lasting and water-proof and don't require extra ink.


1- Choose which mix you are going to do and tick the appropriate circle to remember what the bottle contains in the future.
2- Make sure you have all the ingredients at hand.
3- Follow the recipe: add one ingredient after the other in the quantities indicated.
4- Use or store until needed.

Pöko Design is currently looking for a production house to commercialise this product. Please get in touch if you are interested in producing Clean Mix.

Clean Mix has been awarded with the Premi 2011 Disseny per al Reciclatge Special Mention by the Government of Catalonia.

Graphic Design: Ernest Vidal

Recipes*: Care2, GOOD, the daily green, Eroski Consumer.
*After trying out various recipes, we chose 6 that work best for us. However, feel free to try out other recipes from the above sites.

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